Certainly you want to know more about JADIS-ZEITREISEN.
It's an honour to give you the following information:
What and Who is »JADIS-ZEITREISEN«?
JADIS-ZEITREISEN – Agentur für Reisen in die Vergangenheit (Agency for Voyages into the Past) – was founded in 2001. My name is Kristina Meissner. After I took my exams in History and Political Sciences in 1999 I fulfilled myself a long-nourished dream: to give other people the chance to discover bygone times not only by studying books but through their own experience. My partner, Kerstin Rehwinkel, who supports me on travels as a second guide, is also a historian. »Jadis« is French for »earlier«, »once« and indicates the direction of our travels. We are heading back in time.
What distinguishes JADIS-ZEITREISEN from other tour operators?

First of all the basic approach: a mixture of study trip (in the sense of a playful and entertaining discovery of history), well-being (the buildings we stay in are a feast for the eyes and for the mind), and indulgence (everyone likes to be spoilt now and again).

Dedication for the guest …

Secondly our dedication to satisfy you,our guests. We want to make a good job and for this we spare no effort. Research and preparations play an all-important role. We want even to know your secrets – like the exact measurements from bust to crotch – so that the dresses really fit … or your biography – so that an alias biography fits your personal background. But if you wish to be somebody else for a couple of days – no problem at all! With us you can be everything – a revolutionary publisher, a dignified ship owner, a highly rewarded admiral … All that, because we want you to have a good time, to really enjoy your trip into the past.
… and to society

But our dedication is also a commitment to culture and education: a part of our profit goes to museums or educational institutions to facilitate and support historical education. Those institutions, for example Departments of History at universities, museums or libraries with books of historical value which require constant restoration, are located in the travelled regions and are newly selected once a year.


Authentic historical dresses, which we will provide for you, are worn on our journeys so that you learn from your own experience how the daily routine changes when you wear long and/or wide skirts or dresses (as a woman) and when (as a man) you can (and have the obligation (!) to) galantly raise your hat and don't have to bury your hands in your pockets because you can lean on a walking stick instead. In case you fall in love with your historical outfit, we will happily help you to find excellent costume makers.


We are going to places where it is possible to revive particular epochs. We stay in hotels, manor houses, castles and the like which not only have preserved a historical facade but also convey an impression of the era through their antique furnishing. The houses are usually small so that ideally all rooms are occupied by our party. This way the special historical atmosphere is as far as possible not disturbed by »visitors from the future« – you can immerse yourself completely in your time.

Culinary delights

The voyages into the past are culinary ones as well because historical recipes reveal quite a lot about the development of our habits. Therefore it is an important part of our concept to serve contemporary dishes from the respective region. In doing that we follow the natural order of the seasons, that is we serve seasonal cooking using (whenever possible) vegetables from organic farming and meat from free-ranged animals. Of course you as our guests get the period recipes from us so that you can try them at home.

Leisure time / activities

Good food can certainly make you happy – but the journey into the past does not end there. The leisure activities also match the travelled era. Coach and wagon rides, picknicks, archery, badminton, croquet, sailing and rowing trips, horse and balloon rides, readings, dances, or an afternoon on the horse racetrack – depending on region and possibility, but never in the mainstream of modern touristic pastime which hardly brings leisure but diversion at most. That’s completely different on our calm, slower, and relaxing passe-temps.

But be warned! A few days without telephone, cellphone and TV are most relaxing – you can become addicted to it!

Which eras can be travelled?

The development of those trips into the past is an ongoing process. From the first idea to the finished offer a lot of months drop into the ocean of time. A lot of little wheels must perfectly communicate with each other before we can say: »Back into the past!«

Planned are voyages into all epochs from the Renaissance to the 1920s, to all suitable European countries – such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, but also Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy …

In 2003 we offer you trips into the Emperor's time in Germany. If the research continues to be that efficient, a trip into Regency times will follow. From that on we continue backwards. It remains interesting: One day, you can travel through 500 years of European history!

The nature of the journeys

There are two types of journeys into the past:

At first the »General interest trips«, which take you to a particular epoch of the past like »Springtime awakening anno 1910 in Brunshaupten (now called Kuehlungsborn) / Baltic Sea« which take the travellers back to the year 1910 or like the » Summer retreat« – same place, same era – on the occasion of the annual horse races in Bad Doberan.

Then, secondly, the »Special interest trips«, which have a certain epoch as a setting but center around a particular subject – like cookery courses (e. g. »Sneak a peak into the Kaiser's Kitchen «, scheduled for March 2003), dressmaking workshops, painting weekends, but also special garden-journeys, restauration workshops and so forth.

More details of importance

The groups usually consist of 8 to 12 to16 people, depending on the location we head to. That way the group is small enough to preserve the exceptional character, but large enough to ensure interaction. Even small groups are always accompanied by two guides. We consider you as our guests, invited by us for some days of unusual delights. Just as if you were invited on an extravagant wedding.

Such feasts have their prize, as everybody who already had the pleasure of organizing one will know from own experience. When you travel back in time, you are not looking for an ordinary holiday, but for something special. It has never been cheap to have a taste for the extraordinary, not even in the »good old times«. In those days it was extravagant to ask for an automobile instead of a carriage. Now it’s the other way round. Of course you can spend a week on an common cruise ship or buy a bottle of champagne for each week of the year for the prize of a three-day-weekend in past times. If you want it, do it. But if you are looking for something extraordinary, you will surely understand that you have to pay for it. There's just nothing special for the price of something ordinary. That's like in the fashion-business: You may like to have a Haute Couture dress, made only for you, for 50.000 $. But you can also buy a millioncopy 50 $ dress – your body is covered by both. It's your taste that makes all the difference.

Incentive / Event

Speaking of custom-made things: Just let us know what kind of voyage you would like us to organize! (It doesn't have to reach the value of a Haute Couture dress, although … I can think of some fantastic places where you could live like the King of France … and he was deeply indebted because of all the splendor surrounding him … or at least would have been if it had been him who payed for it...).

But also if you wish to hold your presentation or conference in a historic setting, don't hesitate to contact us – even if you are not the King of France!

But in both cases be aware that organizing such events needs – besides money – time! So please contact us as soon as possible!

Would you like to become a sponsor?

Your cupboards are full of glasses and old china which you haven’t used for many years? You don’t want to pack up your collection of old costumes, sticks, parasols and umbrellas for another removal? If you like our concept and want to make a donation – the possibilities are countless. And they might even justify a reduction on your next trip into the past …

Last but not least – Pecunia non olet

We are also looking for companies which would like to increase the amount raised by JADIS-ZEITREISEN for the preservation of history. So if you are on the lookout for a meaningful idea to act in the public interest do not hesitate to contact us!

Next possibilities to travel into the past

Further information

Our »maiden voyage« attracted huge attention, and the response was entirely positive. Our guests felt at ease and enjoyed their »time dive«, we also had our first repeater! The portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm on the bedside table obviously didn’t cause any nightmares …

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