Don’t you love those swashbucklers on a lazy sunday afternoon showing d’Artagnan’s fight against the scheming Richelieu in glorious technicolor or Madame Pompadour learning courtly etiquette? Don’t you love those period pictures in which the beautiful Wilhelmine bewitches the later Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II., Queen Luise tries to soften Napoleon, and »Sissi« enchants not only her fellow countrymen but the Hungarians as well? And who isn’t captivated by the atmosphere of the turn of the century, immortalized by the novels of Heinrich and Thomas Mann?

Didn’t you ever fantasize yourself into one of those movies, into that whole world?
JADIS-ZEITREISEN would like to take you away for a trip into the past. Have some gallant rococo days in a castle on the Loire, experience 18th century regency-times in the north, or enjoy a summer holiday by the sea like 100 years ago.

Find out how it feels to wear the fashion of that time, discover the amusements and culinary delights of bygone days – beyond appearances. Discover how your Great-great-great-grandparents might have lived (or would have liked to live) and make a contribution to preserve the past for future generations.

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